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  • Do you offer any dairy free options?
    Yes, we always offer at least one dairy free option in our storefront. We usually always (depends on how crazy it gets!) diary free sorbet and an ice cream made with either coconut milk or oat milk.
  • Does your base have egg in it?
    No, our ice cream base does not have eggs in the base.
  • Do you cater special events?
    Yes, we can absolutely help you with your event. We offer 3 ways we can help to make your event spectacular with homemade montana ice cream! For any of the three options, please reach out via email or phone. Self Serve Option: You can simply order bulk ice cream to serve yourself. Catering: We can come serve, set up and bring enough ice cream for however many people you plan to have at your event. Food Trailer Option: We have a mobile unit that serves our ice cream as well as tiny pancakes! The trailer option can be extremely customizable to your specific event requests.
  • Do you make your own ice cream?
    Yes, we handcraft each flavor in our store front in Columbia Falls, MT. We proudly partner with Kalispell Kreamery to use our local base and custom make each flavor. In reality, if you can think up the flavor, it is possible to make it into ice cream! If you have flavors suggestions, please email us your request.
  • Are you locally owned?
    Yes, Bruce and Jessica Crockett are the owners of Sweet Retreat Creamery. You can find out more information about us on our home page.
  • Do you use artificial dyes in your ice cream?
    All our ice creams are made with all natural products to make them their color. We do have a few that contain artificial dyes like our cake batter ice cream as it is hard to find all natural sprinkles. Also, our strawberry lemonade sorbet contains artificial dyes. And YES, cookie monster does not contain any dyes! It is make with spirulina.
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